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Delete a Saved Query

Edit a saved query Save a Template

Sometimes you will no longer need a query that you have saved. It is also very easy to delete a saved query.

1. Return to the Data Store Home Page and select the edit icon next to the Data Views heading.

2. Under the Simple Queries section, locate the All Animal Subjects query and select the delete icon in the Actions column.

3. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the Saved Query.

4. Select the Yes button.

5. You will be directed back to the Data Store Home Page. Note that the All Animal Subjects query is no longer listed under the Data Views.

You have learned how to use an existing template to help you define a Data Store. You have also learned how to modify the Data Classes and Queries that the template generated for you. Next you will save this updated version of the Data Store as a new template.

Edit a saved query Save a Template