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CELO Help Pages

The CELO Help Pages gives details about the different features of the system. If you would like a brief introduction to the CELO system, we recommend working through the tutorial. The Help Pages are give more details into the features that are introduced in the tutorial.

Note that throughout the Help Pages are screenshots using the default CELO display settings. The interface for your laboratory data management system may look different depending on if someone in your lab has modified the default settings.

The Help Pages are organized into the following format

CELO Home Page Main portal into the CELO system where you can access a laboratory directory, these help pages, and the registration form for a new laboratory data management system
New Lab Registration Details about the new lab web registration form
Lab Home Page The Laboratory Home Page custom generated for each laboratory
Logging In/Out How users can log in and out of their laboratory system to gain access to particular features
Users and User Groups A description of Users and User Group and how they form a permissions subsystem for your laboratory system
Data Stores Description of the Data Store concept for organizing research data and how to define and modify them
Data Classes Description of Data Classes for representing research data and how to define and modify them
Entering and Editing Data How to enter and edit data into your laboratory system
Templates Description of the CELO template system for helping you define the Data Stores for organizing and defining your research data
Queries Description of the different methods for querying for data in your data management system
Display Settings How to modify the look and content of the web page interfaces
Usage Log Information about the system usage log for monitoring activity within the system