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Usage Log

Viewing System Usage

1. In order to view system usage, you must be logged in as a User with permissions to View Usage.

2. From the Laboratory Home Page, scroll to the Lab Tools section near the bottom of the page. Select the Usage Statistics link.

3. The Usage Statistics page displays a table with a summary of usage and a table with the number of items in the laboratory database. These tables are described below

Summary of Usage

The Summary of Usage table displays the number of times each of the monitored system actions were performed since the log was last cleared (or if the log has not yet been cleared, since the laboratory system was registered). This date is displayed directly below the section heading as text "Usage since <date>".

Currently, the actions that are monitored by the system include:

Action Description
login Successful User logins into the laboratory system
logout Successful User logouts of the laboratory system
saved-query Execution of a saved query
query Creation of a query
create-item Addition of an item into the database
view-item Viewing of an item profile
edit-item Editing of an item
delete-item Deletion of an item
create-datastore Creation of a Data Store
edit-datastore Editing of Data Store name or description
delete-datastore Deletion of an existing Data Store
create-dataclass Creation of a new Data Class (includes Data Classes created by templates)
edit-dataclass Editing of an existing Data Class
delete-dataclass Deletion of an existing Data Class

If you want more details about the specific actions performed (e.g. date and time of action, who performed the action, which Data Store was affected, etc), you can perform a Usage Log Query.

You can also view archived Usage Logs to determine system usage at time periods before the log was last cleared.

Number of Items in Lab Database

The table displaying the number of items in the lab database is helpful for quickly viewing how much data is currently stored in your database. The number of items are stratified by Data Store and Data Class. This stratification might be useful, for example, to determine the amount of data entered for a given experiment, and to determine the number of items for each class of data defined for the experiment (e.g. how many animal subjects).