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Users and User Groups
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Users and User Groups

User Group Permissions Options

This help page is a reference for the different User Group permission options currently available in your laboratory data management system. This page should help you determine what User Groups you should create, and which Users to assign to these User Groups.

View Data Stores

Can view the list of Data Stores from the Laboratory Main Page

Can view each Data Store Home Page

Edit Data Stores Can edit the Data Stores, including the name, description, and Data Classes. If this permission is set, the View Data Stores permission is implied.
Edit Web Settings Can edit the display settings for laboratory web pages. Modify coloring schemes, font styles, etc.
View Users Can view information about users and user groups
Edit Users Can edit users and user groups. If this permission is set, the View Users permission is implied.
View Items Can view items in the laboratory database. Must also have permissions to View Data Stores.
Edit Items Can create, edit and delete items in the database. If this permission is set, then the View Items and View Data Stores permissions are implied.
View Usage Can view the usage log, save usage reports and clear the usage log.