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Templates contains a lot of information. They include metadata about the template such as the date it was created and who created it. They also include, of course, details about a template Data Store, such as Data Class definitions and Saved Query definitions.

This help page is a reference for the type of information included in a template.

Detail Description Example
Template Name The name of the template. Should be short, but descriptive. The name is displayed to users browsing the templates Cataract Image Analysis Study
Description A description of the template. The description should indicate to users what the template could be used for. This will help users determining which template to use to define a Data Store. Study lens opacity patterns in animal subjects
Derivation The name of a template that this template derived from or "original" if not derived from another template. This indicates to users whether this template was based off of another template. This is an original template
Authoring Organization The name of the organization that created the template. This might be, for example, the name of a laboratory. Structural Informatics Group
Author An identifier for the author of the template. This might be, for example, the login name of the User who created the template. CELO Developer
Date Created The date the template was created. February 28, 2004
Data Class Definitions Data Class definitions including the name, description, and all attribute properties. Animal Subject
Saved Query Definitions Saved Query definitions (both simple and advanced) including the name, description, and query properties. All Treatments