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Logging In and Out

Log Out

When you are logged in to your laboratory system, you have access to features that you have permissions for. Anyone using your browser can therefore perform actions that are logged to have been performed by you. It is therefore important to log out once you are finished performing the tasks you need to do.

When you are logged out, you will be able to perform actions within the system that the Public User Group has permissions for. An Administrator, or any user with permissions to Edit Users, can edit the permissions for the Public User Group.

1. To log out of the system, you must be currently logged in. You can verify this by looking at the bottom of each page. If you are logged in, your name will appear at the footer.

2. In the navigation bar, select the Log Out link.

3. You will be directed to a page verifying whether you have succesfully logged out of the system. Note that your name no longer appears at the bottom of each page and that you only have access to system features that the Public User has permissions for.