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New Lab Registration

Registration Input Fields

This help page is a reference for the user input requested during system registration. A description of each of the input fields on the New Lab Registration Page is described in the following table:

Lab Name The name of the laboratory as you would like it to be displayed in the laboratory directory and on each web page of the laboratory data management system
Lab ID This ID will be used by the CELO system for identifying your laboratory. You will probably never need to remember this ID, however it is important to select and ID that can be easily associated with your laboratory. The ID can be no longer than 10 characters long and should only contain alphanumeric characters (i.e. no spaces or symbols). The form will show an error when submitted if the ID you specify has already been used by another laboratory.
Lab Description

The lab description should be a brief overview of the research your laboratory performs. The description will be displayed in the laboratory directory (if you select to be listed) and on your Laboratory Home Page. The description on the Laboratory Home Page can be edited later using the provided configuration tools.

Contact First Name First name of the contact person. The contact person will automatically be designated as an Administrator of the created laboratory system.
Contact Last Name See above
Contact Email A welcome message will be sent to the email specified here, and this email will be associated with the specified contact person in the laboratory database.
Login name Login name for the contact person. The contact person will use this ID in order to log into the system for access to particular system features. As an Administrator, the contact person will automatically have access to all features.
Password Password for the contact person to use when logging in.
Retype Password Verfication for password.
Lab Location Specify the location of the laboratory. This information will be included on the Laboratory Home Page and is optional.
Add to Lab Directory Select this checkbox in order to be listed in the Laboratory Directory which is accessible from the CELO Home Page