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BodyGen DAIS A tool for reconstructing 3D anatomy models from serial sections. (demo)
Brain Browser Web Interface HBP The Brain Browser Web Interface is a Java applet that allows users to view reconstructed brain models and associated stimulation mappings. (demo)
Brain Map WIRM Repository HBP The Brain Map WIRM Repository ('Bmap Repo') is a WIRM-based repository which manages data relating to the stimulation sites on the surface of the brain. (demo)
Brain Visualizer Graphics Server HBP Graphics server for the Brain Visualizer. Uses Slisp for input and output.
CELO BISTI Customizable Electronic Laboratory Online (CELO) is a Web-based Data Management System Builder for Biomedical Research Laboratories. (demo)
Digital Anatomist Atlases DAIS Digital Anatomist Atlases are a set of C-based cgi scripts that allow web access to a series of anatomical atlases, ie, images with associated anatomical outlines and captions (demo)
Digital Anatomist Jigsaw Puzzle DAIS A Java Web Start(tm) application that takes a DA image and presents the various segments contained therein as puzzle pieces to be assembled. (demo)
Dynamic Scene Generator DAIS The 3D Scene Generator dynamically constructs composite scenes of anatomical models and integrates anatomical knowledge into the GUI for model selection. (demo)
Emily FMA A relation-centric query interface for the FMA. (demo)
Eye Lab Image Repository BISTI The Image Repository contains a collection of images produced by the research of the Eye Lab. This web tool allows the researchers to add their images to a repository facilitating the organization and management of their data. (demo)
Foundational Model Explorer FMA This JSP-based webapp is designed to facilitate navigation of the data contained with in the Foundational Model of Anatomy. (demo)
Foundational Model of Anatomy DB FMA This database stores the data representing the relationships and entities of the Foundational Model of Anatomy, which is authored using the 'Protege' application.
GAPP Server FMA GAPP (Greg's Apple Pie Parser) is a server accepting plaintext natural language queries directly, returning corresponding OQAFMA queries.
Image Manager WIRM Repository DAIS The Image Manager WIRM Repository is a WIRM-based repository for images which allows user- and group-based permissions and can maintain hierarchical collections of images (subcollections). (demo)
NOQAFMA FMA This webapp queries the OQAFMA DB and returns results via JSP. (demo)
OQAFMA DB FMA This database mirrors the Foundational Model of Anatomy DB in a StruQL-compatible format and indexing and is queried primarily by the OQAFMA Server interface and the NOQAFMA webapp
OQAFMA Lisp Server FMA A Lisp frontend to OQAFMA
OQAFMA Server FMA OQAFMA. A query engine for the FMA that is optimized for certain types of queries, such as transitive closures. Takes StruQL query as input, returns XML result.
Single-Cell Recording EMS HBP An experiment management system for researchers studying activation of individual neurons. (demo)
Skandha4 DAIS A 3D graphics programming environment. (demo)
WebGAPP FMA WebGAPP (Greg's Apple Pie Parser) is a webapp designed to translate natural language anatomical questions into StruQL equivalents and to subsequently query the OQAFMA DB and return the results. (demo)
Who Wants to Be A (Digital) Anatomist? DAIS A Java Web Start(tm) application that quizes the user on the anatomical segments contained in a Digital Anatomist image in the spirit of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" (demo)
WIRM DAIS Web Interfacing Repository Manager, a high-level programming environment for developing web information systems. (demo)
X_Batch HBP A toolbox developed for batch processing of functional MRI data in SPM2. It utilizes Dartmouth fMRI Data Management Tool to document file processing steps. All information is stored in Protege ontology software. (demo)
XBrain HBP The XBrain project is designed to allow fellow researchers to query SIG's Brain Mapping Database. The query language to use is XQuery, and the results are turned in XML. Written in JSP. (demo)

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