WIRM is a Perl-based application server that provides a high-level programming environment for developing web information systems.

WIRM consists of an object-relational database and a suite of Perl interfaces for visualizing, integrating and analyzing heterogeneous multimedia data. WIRM provides facilities for creating context-sensitive views over a multimedia database, allowing developers to rapidly build dynamic web sites that adapt their content and presentation to multiple classes of end-users.

WIRM is currently available from the SIG downloads page.


WIRM was developed by Rex Jakobovits as part of his PhD dissertation at the University of Washington Computer Science department, under the guidance of Dr. James F. Brinkley of the Department of Biological Structure. The system was generalized from work funded by NIH SBIR grant R43-MH61277-01 and Human Brain Project grant DC/LM02310.


There are several WIRM-related demos available:

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