Emily is a relation-centric interface for querying the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA). The FMA's focus on the structural relationships between anatomical entities distinguishes it from other current anatomical knowledge sources. We developed Emily, a query engine for the FMA, to enable users to explore the richness and depth of these relationships. Preliminary analysis suggests that Emily is capable of correctly processing real world anatomical queries provided they have been translated into a constrained form suitable for processing by the query engine.


Emily was initially developed by Ann Li and Emily Chung. Later development was done by Todd Detwiler. The EmilyLite implementation was done by Cameron Tom and Eugene Lam.


Try the Emily demo. (Requires Java Web Start.)


Detwiler, L. T. and Chung, E. and Li, A. and Mejino, J. L. V. and Agoncillo, A. V. and Brinkley, J. F. and Rosse, C. and Shapiro, L. G. (2004) A Relation-Centric Query Engine for the Foundational Model of Anatomy.

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