The UW Human Brain Project: Demos and Downloads

Note: the demos marked with (*) require Java Web Start.

Current Demos and Downloads

Project Information Online Demo Download
FMA Project Page FME: Foundational Model Explorer web demo FMA 1.4.0
MindSeer Project Page *MindSeer 3D visualization and data integration demo MindSeer 1.0
DXBrain Project Page DXBrain data integration web demo N/A
WIX Project Page WIX web demo WIX 1.0
DXQP Project Page DXQP web demo DXQP 0.5
WIRM Project Page CSM database web interface WIRM 2.2
SeedPod Project Page SUR web interface N/A
X-Batch Project Page N/A X-Batch 1.1

Older Demos and Downloads

Our current projects have superseded the following tools. However, we keep these demos functional and the software is available for download.

Project Information Online Demo Download
BrainBrowser Project Page *BrainBrowser 3D visualization web applet BrainBrowser.jar
Skandha4 Project Page N/A Skandha4 1.6


See also SIG Demos and Downloads

XBrain: image map of current running applications.

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