Using WIX - Web Interface for XQuery

Live WIX Demo

The form below allows you query to the sample bib.xml file with the root node identified by $root. The most basic query is simply $root, which will return the entire document. The following query contains a complete "For-Let-Where-Return" (FLWR) statement that gives you an idea of XQuery:

WIX Features

WIX provides the following pages to call:

To call any of these pages for your WIX deployment simply construct a URL like:

Calling from within XQuery

WIX provides a simple XQuery module for submitting queries to your service. The module is 100% compliant with XQuery 1.0 and so should work in any XQuery engine. The main method in this module is:

wix:xquery(your-server, query)

This method takes 2 strings and returns an XML document. One gotcha is that because you are submitting the query as a string, you need to be careful to escape any quote characters.

To make this method available you just need to import the namespace. For example, the following XQuery will call our sample WIX demo:

import module namespace wix="" at "";

let $data_book := wix:xquery("","$root/book[title='Data on the Web']")


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