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Skandha3 is a C program for performing 3-D reconstruction and visualization from serial sections. Written by Jeff Prothero, it is one in a series of skandha programs. Skandha3 runs only under GL on the SGI Irix. Many of the features of skandha3 have been superseded by skandha4. However, the methods for reconstruction and editing have not yet been included in skandha4. Thus, we still need to use skandha3 for reconstruction.

In our lab skandha3 is run from one of the SGI workstations by cd'ing to a directory containing data files (since absolute pathnames must be typed otherwise), then typing skandha.

The following links contain documentation originally written by Ken Kastella in 1992 in Framemaker, which was then convereted to pdf. This documentation is not complete, but it is the best we have. The best way to learn skandha3 is to go through the tutorial, then refer to the reference manual.

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