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Sharing Slisp Code

This section describes how we have set up slisp for sharing in the Digital Anatomist Program. This is somewhat specific for our program, but it may give ideas for other sites. At the end of this node we describe tradeoffs and other ideas we haven't had time to pursue yet.

In the Digital Anatomist Program all relevant machines have /usr/local/src mounted from a single machine (betz). The archive copy of slisp is kept in this directory as /usr/local/src/slisp. This directory should be visible from the machine on which you are planning to use slisp. Even if it isn't a copy of slisp can be made for your own machine if necessary.

The basic approach we currently use is to keep usr/local/src/slisp as the archive directory for sharing changes to slisp, but each programmer downloads a copy of the relevant modules from the archive, and compiles an application from within his own directory.

Once the local version has been verified the programmer uploads his changes into the archive and notifies the other programmers by email in person that he has done this. The other programmers can then download the changed files to their own personal copies of slisp. Only members of the slisp unix group may write to the archive but anyone can read from it.

In the following menu items, Downloading and Uploading refer to entire slisp applications such as skandha4, sl or siserver. If you just want to upload or download individual files or directories, or if you want to install a list of lisp files in a common location, see the menu item for Copying Individual Files.

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