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Scanner Options Menu

The Options menu lets you set various parameters controlling how Scanner behaves. There are two main sets of paramenters available from this menu:

Activates a submenu of options which control Scanner's segmentation behavior. There are relevant values here:
  • Use Model -- When this is turned on, Scanner will use any constraints in the current model to attempt to improve the accuracy of the current contour's boundary. This kicks in whenever a radial's length is changed by either the user or the edge detector.
  • Use Edge Detector -- When this is turned on, Scanner will automatically try to detect edges along radials whenever a new contour is created.
  • Sort -- When several radials need to be updated, this parameter determines which one will be updated first. Current options are: the radial with the smallest uncertainty interval, the radial with the largest uncertainty interval, and the radial with the fewest candidate edges.
  • Which Edge -- When the edge detector finds more than one possible edge along a radial, this parameter determines which one gets used. Current options are: the first edge found (counting outward from the center), the last edge found, the middle edge found, and the "best" edge found (as determined by some edge ranking function).
It is useful to note that to draw contours manually, the "Use Model" and "Use Edge Detector" options should both be turned off.
Determines which components of the current radial contour should be displayed. Clicking here brings up a menu of four toggle switches which control the display of the inner uncertainty contour, the best-guess contour, the outer uncertainty contour, and the radials. When a probabilistic shape model is used, Scanner computes a restricted edge-searching region for each radial based on its mean and variance values. The "Standard Deviation" scroll bar lets you set how many standard deviations from the mean should be included in this region. (Note that for min/max models, this scroll bar does not appear.)

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