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Scanner Model Menu

The Model menu lets the user manipulate the current shape model. There are four basic operations available from this menu:

Create a new, empty shape model. Clicking here brings up a submenu which initially shows properties of the current model: its directory and filename, its type, the number of radials in it, and an optional descriptive comment. To change a property, just click on it and enter a new value. Once everything has been set properly, clicking on "DO IT" will create a new model with the specified property values. If you decide not to create a new model after all, click on "Exit" to return to the main Scanner menu. Note that the current models all depend on having radials at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Consequently the number of radials in a model needs to be a multiple of 4. *** WARNING *** When you create a model, Scanner does not check to see if a file already exists with the same name and will overwrite it if it does. (This should be fixed in the future.)
Load an existing shape model. Clicking here brings up a file browser which lets you move through the directory hierarchy. Once you find the model file you want to load, click on its name to retrieve it.
Save the current shape model. Since the file's name was specified when it was created, it doesn't need to be specified here. (However, it might be nice to have a "Save As" option too.)
Incorporate the current radial contour into the current shape model. This prompts Scanner to use the current contour as another training example and recompute the constraints in the current model appropriately. This option appears on the Model menu only when a model and a contour both exist.

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