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source files: xsk3toxvrml.lsp


(XSK3-TO-XVRML-FILE "infile" "outfile")


A utility function to convert a skandha3 model file to vrml.


The idea is that this routine should be used to convert individual primitive structures into individual vrml files, for export to other users or applications. Therefore, this is not yet a general purpose conversion utility. Basically, just calls xsk3-load-skandha3-file, extracts the thinglist, removes any lights or transforms, and calls xvrml-save-vrml file to write the output file.

Test examples

1. Converting a primitive, can run on Linux since skandha3 not needed. Can be run remotely as long as GNUTERM is set to nullterm

  setenv GNUTERM nullterm
  cd /usr/local/data1/rausch/em65f/d
  skandha4 xsk3toxvrml
  (xsk3-to-xvrml-file "tspine5"
  tspine5 should be visible in a vrml browser

2. Converting a structure with extra skandha3 data, needs to run on an SGI

  cd /usr/local/data4/backup/kneebones
  skandha3 A1-os.femur
    This file has three tubes, for three parts of the femur. It has
    no rotors, colors or transforms. One of
    them has a lid, so this needs to be removed. Then 
    save top level list as a
    binary file, called, say femur. Exit skandha3.
  skandha4 xsk3toxvrml
    (xsk3-to-xvrml-file "femur" "femur.wrl")
  femur.wrl should be visible in a vrml browser


  Add parameters to pass to xvrml-save-vrml-file
  Fix lids so skandha3 primitives lids can be converted
  Generalize so that skandha3 scenes can be exported as vrml

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