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source files: xnet.[ch], slisp/c/netseval.[ch]


(NET-SET-DELIMITERS &key :DATA <data_char> :END  :RESET )


The output stream generated by an slisp server takes one of several forms:

<arbitrary text><data_char><valid sexpression><end_char>

<arbitrary text>error: <error message><end_char>

<data_char><valid sexpression><end_char>

error: <error message><end_char>

where <arbitrary text> may be generated by slisp functions such as PRINT or FORMAT. The function NET-SET_DELIMITERS can be used to change these delimeters, or to reset them to their default values. If the :DATA keyword is given, followed by the decimal equivalent of <data_char>, then <data_char> becomes the new start of a valid s-sxpression. If this keyword is not given the current character is not changed. Similarly for the :END keyword and <end-char>. If :RESET is given then both <data_char> and <end_char> are reset to their original default values, even if the :DATA or :END keywords have been given. This function calls XETC-SET_SERVER-DELIMITERS on the server end to change the corresponding server delimiters.

Both <end_char> and <data_char> should always be set to characters that are not expected to be in the output of the server. Otherwise the entire message will not be received. It is generally not necessary to call this function since the default values are usually sufficient.

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