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In this paper, we propose a generalized scheme for the symbolic description of the spatial attributes of anatomical entities. The power of the scheme lies in the ability to model the spatial objects at the highest level of granularity: information can be obtained at the desired level of detail needed for a given application.   This scheme uses the topological classes of point, line, surface, and volume to represent zero-D, one- D, two-D and three-D objects. A spatial object participates as a node in three complementary networks; the topology network, the part-of network, and the spatial associations network. The topology network describes a spatial object in terms of its boundaries, the part-of network describes a spatial object in terms of its parts, and the spatial associations network describes the spatial object in terms of its relationships to other spatial objects. All three of the networks can be used in combination or alone to answer queries to the spatial information system. The Digital Anatomist Structural Abstraction together with the other components of the Digital Anatomist Foundational Model1 will provide the information for describing and reasoning about anatomical entities.