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Frequently Asked Questions about OQAFMA

Q: What does OQAFMA stand for?
A: OQAFMA = the OQAFMA Querying Agent for the Foundational Model of Anatomy

Q: Where can I find the code for OQAFMA?
A: Code for OQAFMA and its database building code (IndexGUI) is in the lab's CVS repository, which can be browsed with CVSweb:

Q: How do I install OQAFMA?
A: See OQAFMA's installation instructions.

Q: How do I talk to OQAFMA from another program?
A: When OQAFMA runs, it listens for socket connections that come in on a given port. At the moment, the lab has one server running on port 4242 on OQAFMA takes StruQL queries as input and returns XML. Socket conenctions remain open only for the duration of a single query, so you must reconnect to OQAFMA for each query you make.

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