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GAPP Queries

What queries work?

GAPP cannot answer all questions to the FM. In fact, the kind of questions it can answer is follows a simple formula. The most basic question to GAPP consists of three things: a known anatomical entity, a relationship, and an unknown entity. GAPP can reliably produce queries for questions like this:

What is innervated by the suprascapular nerve?
What is adjacent to the liver?
What does the aorta give blood to?
What is definition of the latissimus dorsi?

The next level of complexity is to constrain the unknown entity. This can be achieved by exchanging "What..." for "Which [entity]..." GAPP supports this function for entity-types like bones, organs, arteries, veins, etc. Each type of entity must be entered manually in the parse and relationship dictionaries.

What muscles are innervated by the suprascapular nerve?
Which organs are adjacent to the liver?
Which lymph nodes does the aorta give blood to?

GAPP can also allow more complex nested queries of the following nature.

Which muscles are innervated by the branches of the suprascapular nerve?
What are the tributaries of the venous drainage of the liver?
Which lymph nodes do the branches of the aorta supply?
What is the definition of the parts of the latissimus dorsi?

Finally, GAPP allows queries to have a "that" phrase as follows.

What are the parts of the thorax that are adjacent to the esophagus?
What are the branches of the aorta that supply blood to the liver?

Support for more complicated sentences is much less reliable than for the basic queries. The longer the sentence, the more likely that the parser is will incorrectly parse the question, or that the question falls outside of GAPP's limitations.


What is supplied by the aorta?

Corresponding STRUQL query returned by GAPP is:

Y->"Preferred name"|"Synonyms"."name"|"Latin name (TA)"->"Aorta",
X->"Preferred name"."name"->supplies_or_innervates,

What queries don't work?

GAPP cannot answer long queries or those that dont begin with a "what" or "which." The following are the queries that GAPP cannot answer or to which it will give wrong answers:

Give me the parts of the heart.
What are the parts of the thorax where we would find that the lung is contained?
In which part of the thorax do we have the lung?

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