Setting up a local copy of the FMA

In order to set up a local copy of the Foundational Model of Anatomy on your computer you will need to do the following:

  1. Download, install and setup the MySQL DBMS on your local machine (these instructions assume you will run MySQL on the same local machine as Protege, this is not a requirement however).

  2. Download a database dump file of the FMA from our server and use it to populate a new MySQL db.

  3. Download and install Protege.

  4. Set up Protege to view the FMA.

NOTE: These instructions only cover steps 1and 2 above. For help with steps 3 and 4 see setup-protege.html. These instructions were written specifically for the Windows OS. Installation on a Linux machine is similar.

  1. Download, install and setup MySQL

    • Go to the MySQL website. You will want to choose the "Essentials" or "Standard" download for a stable release (usually the one recommended).

    • Once you have downloaded the mysql installer, double-click on the file and follow the instructions to configure it. This will install MySQL onto your machine.

  2. Download a database dump file of the FMA from our server and use it to populate a new MySQL db

    • Download the release version of the FMA from the registration page. This will require you to enter the username opensource and password fma2007.

    • Unzip the downloaded dump file using winzip, etc.
    • This requires that the MySQL server is running. Go into mysql and create the new empty database. To do this open a DOS command prompt and go to the mysql\bin directory and then type:

      mysql -u root -h localhost

      This command should open mysql and give you a prompt that looks like:


      At this prompt type:

      create database fma_local;

      (you can substitute any name for 'fma_local' and remember that the semicolon at the end of the line is necessary). You can check to see if the database has been created correctly by typing at the mysql command prompt:

      show databases;

      A small table of databases should appear one of which is fma_local. This database will, however, exist in name only and will be populated with data in step 4 below. You will also need to set the privileges on the database. For example, to create a user named ‘fma_user’ with password ‘8_19_03’ type the following at the mysql promp

      grant all privileges on fma_local.* to fma_user@localhost identified by ‘8_19_03’;

      If the user may be accessing the database from any other machine, you should also type the following line:

      grant all privileges on fma_local.* to fma_user@'%' identified by ‘8_19_03’;

      Exit mysql by typing 'exit' at the msyql command prompt:


    • Create the database from the dump file. Back at the DOS command prompt (still in the mysql\bin directory) type:

      mysql -u fma_user -p8_19_03 fma_local < C:\downloads\fma_vXYZ.dump (...the path to the unzipped dump file on your machine...) (this will take a while and should rebuild a new db from the dump file)

  3. Install Protege, see setup-protege.html

  4. Configure .pprj file and plugins to view your new FMA database. (Not covered here, see setup-protege.html)