Some Comments From Our Guestbook


Sampled from July 1997-February 1998, out of over 200 comments since the atlases were put on the Web in June 1995. For those who have commented, thankyou for your encouraging words. We very much appreciate them.

Most comments are similar to these samples, with a common theme of requests for more material. (We haven't yet figured out how to get financial support to put more material online, but we are open to suggestions).

Practicing MD: "I found your atlas very helpful during my anatomy review. I used it for my personal professional enrichment. I am looking forward to seeing additional images on your site."

Self employed massage therapist: "Looked up site to investigate my own knee injury as well as improving a&p skill. Great site will pass along to others!"

University student: "I couldn't be much more impressed by the Digital Anatomist CD-ROM and Internet site. It is such a great review and learning tool. What an amazing thing you are doing."

High School teacher: "Great stuff to use in our high school medical magnet and for our ESOL students."

A high school student:"Words fail me. Thank you, Woody"

Hospital worker: "Helpful for patient teaching. Wonderful review of anatomy and useful for classes."

An individual: "Just trying to understand myself as I get older (53) and try to stay in shape"

From France: "Fellicitation pour la qualite de votre travail, les images sont magnifiques . CONTINUEZ ..... MERCI"

From Thailand:" I think this site is very cool!"

From Russia: "Interested in server software for educational use"

From a college student:" This is the best web site I have ever visited."

From China: "explore the possibility of getting this software freely."

From Sweden: "Great page, just what I need for my neuropsychology course. Thank you. "

Nursing student: "I just love to learn and like to get pictures in my minds eye. Thankyou for all the dedication people like you do to get this web site to be so awesome!"

Nursing student: "I am awed by what you have put together. It has been an incredible help in my studies. Thank You!!!"

From Copenhagen: "I am a year student and I have just been trying out the "Atlas of the Knee". It is really good and it's a brilliant idea og having it on the net..."


From Yale Medical School: "Very nice job. I'm very interested in the work your group has done. It looks like alot of work."

A high school teacher:"I am teaching high school students about neurobiology. I would like to add links to your images from our Web page. Is this O.K. ?"

An imaging technologist: "Yours is a facinating site and project. I am an Imaging Technologist in Nuclear Medicine in British Columbia. I am currently taking a course, cross sectional anatomy of pelvis and abdomen. Your images are facinating, I only wish you had some pertaining to the abdomen and pelvis."

From China: "explore the possibility of getting this software freely."

From Russia: "Interested in server software for educational use"

Community College instructor in California: "Extremely impressive programs. Visually stimulating! Keep up the great work. Wish we had the resources (financial and equipment, i.e., internet access) in our classes to allow my students immediate acces to these images. It would blow them away, as it did me. Congratulations!!"

University student: "I'm a student at Colorado State University and found your atlas info helpful for my neuroanatomy class."

Criminal Justice department in Texas: "Using Atlases for Course"