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Walkthrough Tutorial


To select a region, click the Back or Forward Arrow buttons. The outline of the currently selected region will change color. To search for a term, click the button to the right of the region label in the toolbar. There are additional buttons for changing pin, line, outline colors, and hiding items from the display

Adding a region

  1. Select the "create new region" icon (the Plus button) from the toolbar
  2. Click on a point on the perimeter of the region that you wish to annotate
  3. Move around the perimeter in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to complete the perimeter
  4. Note that you have to create a closed polygon.

Loading an Image

Note: AnnoteImage WebStart is limited to a preloaded demo image. If you want to load your own image, visit the SIG downloads page and install the AnnoteImage ZIP file.

  1. Click on the File menu, and choose New file.
  2. Choose a name and location for your new annotation (.iml) file.
  3. Select an image to annotate (Note: you may have to change the file type to "all files" here to see your directories for navigation).
  4. Give it a minute to load the large images if you have chosen one of the reformatted slices.

Known problems:

  • On large images the annotation labels appear in the image (they should be off to the right).
  • The label text is black, which would be fine if not for problem #1.
  • Back to AnnoteImage project page.