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UW-SIG Personnel: Former

current - former - collaborators


Augusto Agoncillo
ava (at)

Research Scientist, Biological Structure. Domain expert for the Foundational Model of Anatomy

Chevas Balloun
cansel (at)

BA student, International Studies Comparative Religion. Web development, 3D model manipulation, general office.

Shawn Bonham
bonham (at)

Masters student, Computer Science and Engineering. Reconstructing 3D surfaces from serial sections.

Scott Bradley
ScottWB (at)

Undergraduate Computer Science Student co-funded by UW IAIMS program: Web based Interactive Atlas and Java Knowledge Manager. Currently at BeComm, Inc. Home page while working in SIG.

David Conley
dmc (at)

Anatomist. Thoracic Viscera Interactive Atlas, currently at Washington State University in Pullman.

Tanya Deriugin

Programmmer, Neuroanatomic terminology

Kraig Eno
kraig (at)

Programmer: Original Mac interactive atlas and servers, original Knowledge Manager and knowledge server. Now living in Kiev, Ukraine. Home page while working in SIG.

Michael Geist

Medical student, neuroanatomic terminology and relationships

Shelley Golard
sgolard (at)

Program Administrator, currently working for the Department of Biological Structure, UW.

Chris Grierson
cbgb (at)

Unix systems administration.

Greg Heil
gheil (at)

Postdoctoral Fellow. Brain project software tools, currently an independent software consultant in Seattle.

Kevin Hinshaw
khinshaw (at)

Research scientist, Biological Structure. Scene generator and non-photorealistic rendering techniques.

Rex Jakobovits
rex (at)

Independent consultant, Vivalog Technologies. Repository manager for brain project, multimedia databases.

Yana Kadiyska
ykadiysk (at)

PhD student, Computer Science. Exporting relational data into XML.

Teresa Lassek

Computer Science (CS) MS student, manual image segmentation.

Richard Martin
rfmartin (at)

Neuroanatomist, Biological Structure. Adding terms from NeuroNames to the Foundational Model of Anatomy, reconstructing and mapping patients for the UW Human Brain Project.

Bharath Modayur

Postdoctoral fellow, Brain Project. Brain segmentation and visualization, data analysis. Currently working with Loyd Myers.

Peter Mork
pmork (at)

PhD student, Computer Science and Engineering. Improving methods for representing and accessing the Foundational Model of Anatomy.

Loyd Myers
myers (at)

Postdoctoral Fellow: 3-D region growing and brain volume visualization, currently an independent software consultant in Seattle.

Bibek Pandey

Undergraduate student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Atlas client.

Jeff Prothero
cynbe (at)

Programmer, was with this group for over 10 years, currently living in Santa Cruz, CA. Working for us: 3-D Computer Graphics, brain mapper, Skandha, Slisp, many other programs.

John Prothero

Faculty, Biological Structure. Original founder, along with John Sundsten. Currently working independently in Biological Structure.

Zhenrong Qian
shawnawu (at)

PhD student, Computer Science and Engineering. Extracting blood vessel trees from Visible Human data.

Peter Ratiu
pr (at)

Surgeon, postdoctoral Fellow. Knee Interactive Atlas, currently at Engineering Animations in Iowa.

Kurt Rickard
rickard (at)

Programmer, Biological Structure. Software support for the Foundational Model of Anatomy.

Salvador Ruiz Correa
sruiz (at)

PhD, Electrical Engineering. Image Manager development.

Vishrut Srivastava
vishrut (at)

Graduate student, Medical Education.

Darren Stalder
torin (at)

Programmer, sys admin, knowledge server and other general programming tasks. Perl, Linux guru.

Stacy Tang
stacy (at)

Data retrieval from the Brain Mapping database using Xquery.

Roger Williams

Programmer, Windows atlas client

Ben Wong
bbb (at)

Undergraduate student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Graphics server.

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